Cotton Picker Parts for John Deere and Case International

John Deere

  Case International  
Product Description  Item Number OEM Number   Product Description  Item Number OEM Number  
Spindle & Nut Assy RH CPJAN195082 N195082   4 pc. Spindle Overhaul kit CP800-44-1191    
Spindle & Nut Assy LH CPJAN195083 N195083   Spindle - Extra Chrome LH CPI346039 346039A1  
Spindle RH CPJN190332 N190332   Spindle - Extra Chrome RH CPI346040 346040A1  
Spindle LH CPJN190333 N190333   Nut Assembly: LH CPI220330 220330C91  
Platnum (Xtra Chrome) Spindle RH CPJN227078 N227078   Nut Assembly: RH CPI220331 220331C91  
Nut w/Bushing RH CPJAN111948 AN111948   Doffer - Large Poly CPI383311 383311A1  
Nut w/Bushing LH CPJAN111949 AN111949   Moistner Pad - Poly CPI1338720 1338720C2  
Spindle Bushing - Front CPJN112394 N112394   Moistner Pad Holder CPI214500 214500C2  
Spindle Bushing - Back CPJN113307 N113307   Skid Shoe - Per Pair CPI80493    
Spindle Collar CPJN111521 N279986   Bushing - Pivot CPI214910 214910C2  
Doffer - Poly CPJAN272152P AN272152   Bushing - Front CPI216552 216552C1  
Moistner Pad - Poly CPJN275607 N275607   Bushing - Rear CPI216553 216553C1  
Moistner Pad Holder 9900/65 CPJAN32795 AN32795   Bar Bushing CPI669815 669815R3  
Skid Shoe - Poly X-HD CPJD10966M     Dust Cap CPI216554 216554C1  
Skid Shoe Metal CPJN191622* N191622   Roll Pin: 9/64 x 1 CPI25954 25954R1  
Picker Bar 9960/65 In-Line CPJAN193320 AN193320   Bar: 1822 & Up - LH CPI111581 111581A1  
Stud - Picker Bar CPJN112291 N112291   Bar: 1822 & Up - RH CPI111586 111586A1  
Gear - 14 Tooth CPJN118289 N118289   Cam Roller CPI86948 86948C1  
Gear: Bevel - 21 Tooth CPJL2456N JL2456N          
Shim - Spindle Nut .005" CPJL2889N JL2889N          
Seal - Lower Picker Bar CPJN119581 N119581          
Thrust Washer CPJN190988 N190988          
Bushing CPJN196062 N196062   Stalk Puller Blades CPSPB452300    
Bushing CPJN30004 N30004   to fit Besler, D&L, Sundance      
Roller CPJN193500 N193500          
Journal Sleeve CPJN117859 N117859          
Needle Bearing CPJD8804 JD8804          
Spring Pin: 1/8 x 1 CPJD34H045 34H045          
Hose Clamp CPJN117044 N117044          
Shaft CPJN114019 N114019          
Spindle Drive Shaft Assembly CPJAN192556 AN192556          
Water Pump - 4 Row CPJAN194634 AN194634          
Repair Kit F/ 4-Row Water Pump CPJAN194634RK            
Repair Kit F/ 2-Row Water Pump CPJAN192444RK